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The LAUM's research activity is structured into three thematic teams: "Materials", "Transducers" and "Guides and Structures".

Each team is itself organized into Research Operations (ROs) that bring together researchers working on targeted themes. In this organization, the teams are permanent structures, while the ROs are more flexible thematic frameworks whose contours and research axes can evolve.

In addition, two transversal actions complete the ensemble: ECND (Evaluation and Non Destructive Testing), and Metamaterials.

Guides & Structures

This team is interested in the propagation of waves in complex media and in the whole range of audible frequencies.

The research focuses on problems related to acoustic comfort, improvement of the sound environment and musical acoustics. The team studies the radiation of sound sources, whether desired (instrument making) or not (aeronautics, radiation from vibrating structures...), and the propagation (urban acoustics, wave control in structured media).

The work is carried out both from a fundamental point of view (analytical approaches and development of numerical methods) and from an experimental point of view (development of measurement and simulation systems).


This team conducts research on acoustic propagation in complex media (metamaterials, phonic crystals, granular, inhomogeneous, nonlinear, porous,...). The work carried out focuses on fundamental aspects: wave-material interactions (nonlinear acoustics, study of energy transfers, couplings, damage, wave control, resolution of inverse problems, signal processing,...).

This work also extends to applications such as property identification, imaging, implementation of diagnostic tools, sound absorption, wave control, non-destructive evaluation and control).

The Transversal Axes

Some of the LAUM's research themes concern several Research Operations, or even several teams.

Two transversal thematic axes translate this interdisciplinarity within the LAUM: the Evaluation and Non Destructive Testing (ECND) axis and the Metamaterials axis.


This team is mainly interested in transducers (sensors, actuators, energy converters), in the development of measurement benches (digital holography, metrology) and in the associated signal processing.

The studies carried out, both theoretical and experimental, are based on a sharing of fundamental skills of the team members (acoustics, thermics, optics, magnetism, electricity, signal processing,...) and their technological know-how (fine measurements, micro-fabrications in clean room).     

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