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Optical, Signal and Image Methods for Acoustics

Optical, Signal and Image Methods for Acoustics

Optical, Signal and Image Methods for Acoustics

The purpose of the OR Méthodes Optiques, Signal, Image pour l'Acoustique is the development of data analysis algorithms, signal and image processing dedicated to the problems and needs in instrumentation for research in acoustics.

The OR MOSAIC is probably the most transversal of the ORs of the Team with works concerning diagnostics (geophysics, biomedical), non-destructive testing (ultrasonic spectroscopy, algorithms), imaging of acoustic phenomena (optical holography, photogrammetry), machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to sensors and acoustic measurements (statistical models, de-noising).


The OR has a transversal vocation with numerous intra- and inter-team collaborations at the LAUM. The strongest singularity of the OR is the emergence of imaging techniques with 3D vision which completes the methods of digital optical holography, thus offering a wide range of methods for diagnosis and full-field measurement of vibratory fields.


The activities of the OR MOSAIC in signal processing and data analysis concern particularly the medical field, NDT and geophysics. They are declined on several collaborative actions at the international (Italy, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia), national (CHU Angers, LARIS, IPGP) and industrial (CIDELEC) levels.

Members : E. Brasseur (IE), M. Feuilloy (MCF), J.-M. Girault (MCF), K. Hassan (MCF), S. Letourneur (IR), R. Longo (MCF, animateur), S. Ménigot (MCF), S. Montrésor (MCF), P. Picart (PR), G. Plantier (PR), K. Raoof (PR), Y. Serrestou (PRAG), L. Simon (PR), R. Da Costa (MCF), R. Feron (MCF).

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