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publications 2020

publications 2020

publications 2020

1. Abraham P., Hersant J., Ramondou P., Picquet J., Feuilloy M., Henni S. (2020). Comparison of exercise oximetry and ankle pressure measurements for patients with intermittent claudication: an observational study of 433 patients. Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology, vol 472, n°2, 293-301 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02502730

2. Abraham P., Hersant J., Ramondou P., Thouveny F., Feuilloy M., Picquet J., Henni S. (2020). Comparison of transcutaneous oximetry with symptoms and arteriography in thoracic outlet syndrome. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, 1-13. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02502747

3. Allein F., Tournat V., Gusev V., Theocharis G. (2020). Linear and Nonlinear Elastic Waves in Magnetogranular Chains. Physical Review Applied, vol 13, n°2 DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02536380

4. Bentahar M., Di Bella A., Mechri C., Montrésor S., Scalerandi M., Yu X. (2020). Exploiting Slow Dynamics Effects for Damage Detection in Concrete. Frontiers in Built Environment, vol 6 DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02872831

5. Bentahar M., Satour A., Montrésor S., Boubenider F. (2020). Wavelet Based Clustering of Acoustic Emission Hits to Characterize Damage Mechanisms in Composites. Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, vol 39, n°2 DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02989195

6. Billon K., Montcoudiol N., Aubry A., Pascual R., Mosca F., Jean F., Pezerat C., Bricault C., Chesné S. (2020). Vibration isolation and damping using a piezoelectric flextensional suspension with a negative capacitance shunt. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol 140, 106696 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02482022

7. Blanchard M., Gervès-Pinquié C., Feuilloy M., Le Vaillant M., Trzepizur W., Meslier N., Paris A., Pigeanne T., Racineux J.-L., Balusson F., Oger E., Girault J.-M., Gagnadoux F. (2020). Oximetry-derived predictors of atrial fibrillation in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Journal of Sleep Research, vol 29, 92-92 p. Réf. HAL: hal-02998505

8. Boulvert J., Costa-Baptista J., Cavalieri T., Perna M., Fotsing E., Romero-García V., Gabard G., Ross A., Mardjono J., Groby J.-P. (2020). Acoustic modeling of micro-lattices obtained by additive manufacturing. Applied Acoustics, vol 164, 107244 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02178561

9. Bouzid S., Serrestou Y., Raoof K., Omri M. N., Mbarki M., Dridi C. (2020). MOONGA: Multi-Objective Optimization of Wireless Network Approach Based on Genetic Algorithm. IEEE Access, vol 8, 105793-105814 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-02989253

10. Bouzid S., Serrestou Y., Mbarki M., Raoof K., Omri M. N., Dridi C. (2020). Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network Deployment Optimization for a Lighting Control. International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering, vol 9, n°2, 64-77 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-02989270

11. Bouzid S., Serrestou Y., Raoof K., Mbarki M., Omri M. N., Dridi C. (2020). Wireless sensor network deployment optimisation based on coverage, connectivity and cost metrics. International Journal of Sensor Networks, vol 33, n°4, 224 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-02989291

12. Béquin P., Nanda Tonlio A., Durand S. (2020). Air plasma sensor for the measurement of sound pressure using millimetric and micrometric discharges. Journal of Applied Physics, vol 127, n°3, 034502 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02460727

13. Coutant A., Aurégan Y., Pagneux V. (2020). Anomalous transmission through periodic resistive sheets. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol 147, n°5, 3124-3135 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02936791

14. Deng B., Wang P., Tournat V., Bertoldi K. (2020). Nonlinear transition waves in free-standing bistable chains. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, vol 136, 103661 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02537156

15. Deng B., Chen L., Wei D., Tournat V., Bertoldi K. (2020). Pulse-driven robot: Motion via solitary waves. Science Advances, vol 6, n°18, eaaz1166 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02561875

16. Dris E. Y., Drai R., Bentahar M., Berkani D. (2020). Adaptive Algorithm for Estimating and Tracking the Location of Multiple Impacts on a Plate-Like Structure. Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, vol 31, n°1, 1-23 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02519821

17. Dupont S., Melon M., Berry A. (2020). Characterization of acoustic material at oblique incidence using a spherical microphone array. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol 147, n°5, 3613-3625 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02615453

18. Durand-Texte T., Pelat A., Penelet G., Gautier F., Sécail-Géraud M. (2020). Thermal imaging of the structural damping induced by an acoustic black hole. Journal of Applied Physics, vol 127, n°2, 025102 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02453078

19. Durand-Texte T., Melon M., Simonetto E., Durand S., Moulet M.-H. (2020). Single-camera single-axis vision method applied to measure vibrations. Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol 465, 115012 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02407234

20. Essassi K., Rebiere J.-L., El Mahi A., Ben Souf M. A., Bouguecha A., Haddar M. (2020). Experimental and analytical investigation of the bending behaviour of 3D-printed bio-based sandwich structures composites with auxetic core under cyclic fatigue tests. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, vol 131, 105775 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02954697

21. Essassi K., Rebiere J.-L., El Mahi A., Ben Souf M. A., Bouguecha A., Haddar M. (2020). Investigation of the Static Behavior and Failure Mechanisms of a 3D Printed Bio-Based Sandwich with Auxetic Core. International Journal of Applied Mechanics, vol 12, n°05, 2050051 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02954691

22. Garnier L., Lhermite H., Vié V., Pin O., Liddell Q., Cormerais H., Gaviot E., Bêche B. (2020). Monitoring the evaporation of a sessile water droplet by means of integrated photonic resonator. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol 53, n°12, 125107.1-10 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02421800

23. Gilbert J., Maugeais S., Vergez C. (2020). Minimal blowing pressure allowing periodic oscillations in a simplied reed musical instrument model: Bouasse-Benade prescription assessed through numerical continuation. Acta Acustica. Réf. HAL: hal-02994219

24. Golliard J., Aurégan Y., Humbert T. (2020). Experimental study of plane wave propagation in a corrugated pipe: Linear regime of acoustic-flow interaction. Journal of Sound and Vibration. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02462910

25. Herrero-Durá I., Cebrecos A., Pico R., Romero-García V., García-Raffi L. M., Sánchez-Morcillo V. J. (2020). Sound Absorption and Diffusion by 2D Arrays of Helmholtz Resonators. Applied Sciences, vol 10, n°5, 1690 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02514202

26. Hodé R., Raetz S., Blondeau J., Chigarev N., Cuvillier N., Tournat V., Ducousso M. (2020). Nondestructive evaluation of structural adhesive bonding using the attenuation of zero-group-velocity Lamb modes. Applied Physics Letters, vol 116, n°10, 104101 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02537154

27. Jin L., Khajehtourian R., Mueller J., Rafsanjani A., Tournat V., Bertoldi K., Kochmann D. (2020). Guided transition waves in multistable mechanical metamaterials. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol 117, n°5, 2319-2325 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02471496

28. Joly N., Beaumale E., Van Hove L., Martino L., Pintard L. (2020). Phosphorylation of the microtubule-severing AAA+ enzyme Katanin regulates C. elegans embryo development. Journal of Cell Biology, vol 219, n°6 DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02917023

29. Lacour T., Valier-Brasier T., Coulouvrat F. (2020). Ultimate fate of a dynamical bubble/droplet system following acoustic vaporization. Physics of Fluids, vol 32, n°5, 051702 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02871138

30. Laroche N., Bourguignon S., Carcreff E., Idier J., Duclos A. (2020). An inverse approach for ultrasonic imaging from full matrix capture data. Application to resolution enhancement in NDT. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, vol 67, n°9, 1877-1887 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02564265

31. Leng J., Romero-Garcia V., Pelat A., Pico R., Groby J.-P., Gautier F. (2020). Interpretation of the Acoustic Black Hole effect based on the concept of critical coupling. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 115199. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02453298

32. Lieu A., Marchner P., Gabard G., Beriot H., Antoine X., Geuzaine C. (2020). A Non-Overlapping Schwarz Domain Decomposition Method with High-Order Finite Elements for Flow Acoustics. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02371050

33. Lott M., Roux P. E., Seydoux L., Tallon B., Pelat A., Skipetrov S., Colombi A. (2020). Localized modes on a metasurface through multi-wave interactions. Physical Review Materials, vol 4, n°6 DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02886354

34. Matsuda O., Tsutsui K., Vaudel G., Pezeril T., Fujita K., Gusev V. (2020). Optical generation and detection of gigahertz shear acoustic waves in solids assisted by a metallic diffraction grating. Physical Review B, vol 101, n°22 DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-03007539

35. Mazouz Z., Mokni M., Fourati N., Zerrouki C., Barbault F., Seydou M., Kalfat R., Yaakoubi N., Omezzine A., Bouslema A., Othmane A. (2020). Computational approach and electrochemical measurements for protein detection with MIP-based sensor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, vol 151, 111978 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02464043

36. Montrésor S., Tahon M., Laurent A., Picart P. (2020). Computational de-noising based on deep learning for phase data in digital holographic interferometry. APL Photonics, vol 5, n°3 URL: Réf. HAL: hal-02499209

37. Ménigot S., Geryes M., Girault J. M. (2020). Detection of Weak Doppler Microembolic Signature using Two-Dimensional-Adaptive Time-Frequency Threshold from Spectrogram. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, vol 57, 101811 p. URL: DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02384284

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50. Sempore W. Y., Ramondou P., Hersant J., Feuilloy M., Guilleron C., Henni S., Abraham P. (2020). Specific slow tests are not mandatory in patients with extremely short standard (3.2km/h 10% slope) tests durations during exercise oximetry. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02502628

51.  Gillot G., Derec C., Génevaux J.-M., Simon L.,,Benyahia L. (2020). A new insight on a mechanism of airborne and underwater sound of a drop impacting a liquid surface. Physics of Fluids, vol 32, n°6, 062004 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02994901 [pb ordre des auteurs -> corrigé]

52. Sorokin S., François G., Pelat A. (2020). A hierarchy of models of axisymmetric wave propagation in a fluid-filled periodic cylindrical shell composed of high-contrast cells. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol 136, 106487 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02453114

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