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SémiLAUM - 26th april

SémiLAUM - 26th april

SémiLAUM - 26th aprilWaves in disordered nonlinear mechanical structures


This work is devoted to the theoretical and numerical study of elastic wave propagation in disordered mechanical structures.

The main goal is to investigate how the localization induced by disorder is affected by nonlinearity and by the presence of rotational motion.

Firstly, we study a finite granular chain and show that not only Anderson localization is broken but also energy equipartition is achieved due to the discontinuous nonlinearity which is particular to granular chains.

Furthermore, we extend our studies to a micropolar lattice that supports rotational waves. We show that in the linear limit the energy spreading is facilitated both by low frequency extended waves and a set of high frequency quasiextended modes.

Also, we identify a case where energy is completely localized by tuning the stiffness.

Finally, for a nonlinear architected LEGO chain featuring both transverse and rotational motion we study how nonlinearity breaks Anderson localization in this polarized system.

The dynamics is found to have a unique character resembling a combination of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Tsingou and Klein Gordon models regarding the asymptotic dynamical behavior and chaoticity.

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