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European Researchers' Night

European Researchers' Night

European Researchers' Night


 On Friday 30 September, the LAUM invites you to the Quinconces for the 13th edition of the European Night of Researchers.

 his is an opportunity to meet researchers from all disciplines, from the exact sciences to the humanities and social sciences, and to learn more about the research work of today and tomorrow, all during a convivial and fun evening, intended for all audiences!

 The 2022 theme: The Unforeseen

Research is not a long, quiet river... The unexpected is commonplace when working in a laboratory: change of subject, unexpected discoveries, surprises in the field or during experiments, contributions from amateurs and/or novices, bright ideas, etc. Researchers cultivate serendipity* on a daily basis!

Come and meet us, and let us surprise you... 

On the programme :

For this edition, the LAUM will propose 2 stands:

 Stand 1 at the Researchers' Night in Le Mans


Nanoscale earthquakes: how to create and use them ?


Everyone knows about earthquakes caused by the movement of tectonic plates.
The human body can feel the tremors when the seismic waves,with wavelengths of up to several kilometres, reach the earth's surface. But did you know that earthquakes.
But did you know that earthquakes can also occur at the nanoscale (1 billionth of a metre), which can only be felt by atoms?
can only be felt by atoms? Researchers are creating and monitoring these nanoscale earthquakes in metals and
in metals and semiconductors in the laboratory.

Let's find out how it works and what the potential applications are.
and potential applications through one-on-one discussions with researchers, demonstration experiments
demonstration experiments, animations and photos!

30 September 2022
In Le Mans
With the participation of : Li Changxiu, Alice Dinsenmeyer


 Stand 2 at the researchers' night in Le Mans


 Can we understand the unpredictable?

Description :

Weather, crowd movements, epidemics,... Many physical phenomena are
unpredictable! Come and talk to the researchers of the Acoustics Laboratory of the University of Le Mans to understand how they study chaotic phenomena.

30 September 2022
Les Quinconces, Le Mans
With the participation of : Alexis Mousseau, Alice Dinsenmeyer

  • Spaces for meeting and discovering with researchers from the research laboratories of Le Mans University and elsewhere
  •  Games and activities around research and science with our partners in scientific mediation
  • Guess what happened to me" flash lectures
  • With the unlikely participation of the "A toute Vapeur" Company
  • And other surprises !

And for schoolchildren, daytime activities in the museums of the city of Le Mans.

Refreshment bar on site

To access the programme of the researchers' night, click on this link.

Friday 30 September 2022 from 6pm
Espace Culturel des Quinconces | Le Mans

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