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Melon Manuel

Melon Manuel
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Mes publications récentes sur HAL

Jean-Christophe Chamard, Manuel Melon, Vicente Romero-García, Jean-Philippe Groby, Théo Cavalieri. Loudspeaker grating with directional-sound function. France, Patent n° : WO2023198967A1. 2023 hal-04277984
Bruno Gazengel, Christophe Ayrault, Manuel Melon, Colas Cavaillès. Study of an active mute for controlling the directivity of a trombone. Forum Acusticum 2023, Sep 2023, Torino, Italy hal-04187993
Chiara Gazzola, Valentina Zega, Alberto Corigliano, Pierrick Lotton, Manuel Melon. LUMPED-PARAMETERS EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT FOR PIEZOELECTRIC MEMS SPEAKERS MODELING. 10th Convention of the European Acoustics Association (Forum Acusticum 2023), Sep 2023, Turin, Italy hal-04266242
Théo Cavalieri, Vicent Romero-García, Manuel Melon, Jean-Philippe Groby, Jean-Christophe Chamard. Explicit Modeling and Optimization of Acoustic Metalenses for Baffled Sources. Physical Review Applied, 2023, 20 (2), pp.024012 hal-04182946
Patrick O’donoughue, François Gautier, Erwan Meteyer, Thomas Durand-Texte, Mathieu Secail-Geraud, et al.. Comparison of three full-field optical measurement techniques applied to vibration analysis. Scientific Reports, 2023, 13 hal-04006608
Samuel Dupont, Maryna Sanalatii, Manuel Melon, Olivier Robin, Alain Berry, et al.. Measurement of the diffuse field sound absorption using a sound field synthesis method. Acta Acustica, 2023, 7, pp.26 hal-04124226
Samuel Dupont, Maryna Sanalatii, Manuel Melon, Olivier Robin, Alain Berry, et al.. Characterization of acoustic materials at arbitrary incidence angle using sound field synthesis. Acta Acustica, 2022, 6, pp.61 hal-03911482
Samuel Dupont, Lucas Vindrola, Manuel Melon, Jean-Christophe Chamard, Vincent Roussarie, et al.. Wideband sound zone system for automotive applications. 153rd Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, Oct 2022, New York, United States hal-03838946
Karolina Jaruszewska, Manuel Melon, Olivier Dazel, Michael Vorländer, Monika Rychtáriková, et al.. The ACOUCOU platform: Online acoustic education developed by an interdisciplinary team. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2022, 152 (3), pp.1922-1931 hal-03788667
Pierre Lecomte, Rozenn Nicol, Laurent Simon, Manuel Melon, Katell Peron, et al.. Sound Capture With Improved Microphone Array. United States, Patent n° : 20220256302. 2022 hal-04243837