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Gabard Gwenael

Gabard Gwenael
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Mes publications récentes sur HAL

Thomas Humbert, Joachim Golliard, Eric Portier, Gwenael Gabard, Yves Auregan. Multimodal characterisation of acoustic liners using the MAINE Flow facility. 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics 2022 Conference, Jun 2022, Southampton, France hal-03837315
Bruno Mangin, Majd Daroukh, Gwenael Gabard. Propagation of acoustic waves in a slowly varying duct with multiple-scales potential flow using the multimodal formulation. 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics 2022 Conference, Jun 2022, Southampton, United Kingdom hal-03723974
Charlotte Comte, Thomas Humbert, Garret Lam, Randolph Leung, Yves Auregan, et al.. Drum-like liners to attenuate low frequencies in presence of flow: an analytical, experimental and numerical study. 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics 2022 Conference, Jun 2022, Southampton, United Kingdom hal-03837293
Jean Boulvert, Thomas Humbert, Vicente Romero-García, Gwenael Gabard, Edith Roland Fotsing, et al.. Perfect, broadband, and sub-wavelength absorption with asymmetric absorbers: Realization for duct acoustics with 3D printed porous resonators. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2022, 523, pp.116687 hal-03663394
Théo Cavalieri, Jean Boulvert, Vicente Romero-García, Gwenael Gabard, Marie Escouflaire, et al.. Rapid additive manufacturing of optimized anisotropic metaporous surfaces for broadband absorption. Journal of Applied Physics, 2021, 129 (11), pp.115102 hal-03436126
Jean Boulvert, Josué Costa-Baptista, Théo Cavalieri, Vicente Romero-García, Gwenael Gabard, et al.. Folded metaporous material for sub-wavelength and broadband perfect sound absorption. Applied Physics Letters, 2020, 117 hal-03090621
Robin Billard, Gwenael Gabard, Marc Versaevel, Gilles Tissot. A non-linear impedance model for micro-perforated liners. e-FA 2020 - e-Forum Acusticum, Dec 2020, online, France. pp.1537-1542 hal-03143278
Charlotte Saverna, Vincent Pagneux, Yves Aurégan, Gwenael Gabard. Influence of flow on trapped modes in ducts. Forum Acusticum, Dec 2020, Lyon, France. pp.779-779 hal-03229444
Jean Boulvert, Théo Cavalieri, Josué Costa-Baptista, Logan Schwan, Vicente Romero-García, et al.. 3D Printed Porous Material Optimally Graded for Broadband Absorption of Sound. Forum Acusticum, Dec 2020, Lyon, France. pp.9-9 hal-03240336
Théo Cavalieri, Jean Boulvert, Logan Schwan, Gwenael Gabard, Vicente Romero-García, et al.. Acoustic wave propagation in effective graded fully anisotropic fluid layers. Forum Acusticum, Dec 2020, Lyon, France. pp.1845-1845 hal-03240352