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Publications 2015

Publications 2015

Publications 2015

1. Abraham P., Feuilloy M., Mezdad T.-H., Chauvet P., Schang D. (2015). Predictors of Walking impairment in Patients With Claudication Using Linear & Non-Linear Models. FASEB Journal, vol 29, n°S1, Non spécifié p. URL: Réf. HAL: hal-02527892

2. Abraham P., Feuilloy M., Mezdad T., Chauvet P., Schang D. (2015). Predictors of Walking impairment in Patients With Claudication Using Linear and Non-Linear Models. FASEB Journal, vol 29, n°1 Supplement, No p. Réf. HAL: hal-01167023

3. Achilleos V., Richoux O., Theocharis G., Frantzeskakis D. (2015). Acoustic solitons in waveguides with Helmholtz resonators: Transmission line approach. Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, vol 91, n°2 DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02407265

4. Almeida A., Bergeot B., Vergez C., Gazengel B. (2015). Analytical Determination of the Attack Transient in a Clarinet With Time-Varying Blowing Pressure. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, vol 101, n°5, 1026-1038 p. URL: DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-01216282

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6. Aurégan Y., Pagneux V. (2015). Slow sound in lined flow ducts. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol 138, n°2, 605-613 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02512454

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12. Bourguille J., Brinza O., Tetard F., Nikitin S., Zerr A. (2015). Elastic moduli and hardness of η -Ta 2 N 3 from nanoindentation measurements. EPL - Europhysics Letters, vol 111, n°1, 18006 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02095954

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15. Castiñeira-Ibañez S., Romero-García V., Sanchez-Perez J. V., Garcia-Raffi L. M. (2015). Periodic systems as road traffic noise reducing devices: prototype and standardization. Environmental Engineering & Management Journal, vol 14, n°12, 2759-2769 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02514014

16. Castro-Beltrán R., Huby N., Vié V., Lhermite H., Camberlein L., Gaviot E., Bêche B. (2015). A laterally coupled UV210 polymer racetrack micro-resonator for thermal tunability and glucose sensing capability. Advanced Device Materials, vol 1, n°3, 80-87 p. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-01249190

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