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Nouvelle traduction : Equipements

Technical Resources

- Mechanical Workshop
Three lathes, two milling machines.

- Electronical Workshop
The workshop has a UV exposure box, an etching machine, a precision milling machine, a mini drill press, a post of CAD (Kicad)

measurement facilities

- Laser Doppler velocimetry
Measuring acoustic velocity up to 1 m / s. Semi-anechoic room.

PNG - 151.8 kb

- Anechoic Room

- Room dedicated to urban acoustic
Semi-anechoic room of 20m ² with a 3-axis displacement system for performing measurements on scale models of street. This experiment is controlled from a PC with GNU Octave on Linux.

- Automated Tank for ECND measurements
Automated Tank with three translation axis and two rotation axis.

- Pressure Tank
Air-pressure tank of 430 liters in 20 bars.
Monitoring and control deported. 16 thermocouple channels, 8 voltage channels.

PNG - 100.7 kb
Air pressure tank

- Air Flow Bench

- Cleanroom
... linked to the [Micro Cap West Project>].

PNG - 238.2 kb

- Scanning Vibrometer

- High speed camera video
100,000 images / sec, combined with an image processing module for GNU Octave.

- Alpha cabin

- Listening Room