Water Waves

Analogies between water waves and acoustic waves

Here, the aim is to carry out experimental characterization of wave phenomena based on the analogy between 2D acoustic propagation and water waves. The measurement technique that we have developed is using the Fourier Transform Profilometry (PTP) idea. It allows for non-intrusive and space-time resolved complete measurements of the 2D field of the water waves perturbation h(x,y,t). This activity has benefited from the ANR grants Tourbillonde (2008-2012) and Dynamonde (2013-2017) in collaboration with the Institut Langevin (A. Maurel) and the PMMH laboratory at ESPCI (P. Petitjeans) in Paris.

After a careful development of the FTP technique, we have characterized experimentally, numerically and theoretically different wave phenomena: trapped mode (see figure), wave turbulence, metamaterial cloaking by coordinate transformation, epsilon near zero analogues, time reversal focusing, bathymetry reconstruction by surface measurements, conformal cloaking....

FTP measurement of a trapped mode around a cylinder in water channel



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