2nd Franco Chinese Acoustic Conference - 2018

Logo 2nd Franco-Chinese Acoustic Conference - 2018

The 2nd Franco-Chinese Acoustic Conference (FCAC) will be held on 29, 30, 31 October, 2018 in Le Mans, France.

This conference aims at bringing together the French and Chinese acoustic communities to enhance scientific interactions and collaborations as well as sharing good practices in a positive collaborative environment.

FCAC is organized around 9 sessions chaired by a pair of European and Chinese researchers and will cover the following topics:

  • Acoustic and elastic wave propagation in wave guide and complex media
  • Acoustic and elastic wave scattering
  • Vibroacoustics and noise reduction
  • Acoustical imaging
  • Underwater noise
  • Acoustic and elastic metamaterials
  • Physical acoustic
  • Electro-acoustics
  • Ultrasounds, signal processing, and NDT/E

This conference is therefore a timely and unique opportunity for cross-fertilizing both communities.

All information on the website : fcac.univ-lemans.fr 


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National Key Laboratory of Acoustic Science and Technology

Science and Technology on Sonar Laboratory