Symposium on Acoustic Metamarials (SAM) - DENORMS Workshop

The first Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials is targeted to Early Career Investigators  (i.e. researcher whose career spun less than 8 years since the date of the PhD) and PhD candidates and aims at sharing new advances and breakthroughs as well as fostering the community of young researchers in the field of acoustic metamaterials. The first SAM will be organised around 6 different sessions comprising 20 min talks and 4 plenary lectures.

Topics covered by SAM are listed below but not restricted to:

  • Acoustic/elastic metamaterials and phononic crystals
  • Acoustic/elastic metasurfaces
  • Non-reciprocal manipulation of acoustic/elastic waves
  • Acoustic/elastic meta-devices based on transformation acoustics, parity-time symmetric acoustics, topological acoustics
  • Novel physical concepts for harnessing acoustic/elastic waves
  • New applications of metamaterial-based functional devices for acoustic sensing, cloaking, imaging, absorption, energy harvesting, etc.

Several social activities will be organised during the symposium.

For more information, see the SAM website.

Par DENORMS Grant manager : Jean-Philippe Groby (Jean-Philippe.Groby @