COST DENORMS - Workshop 6

The sixth workshop « Industrial Days on New Acoustic Treatments, Metamaterials and Sonic Crystals” organised by COST Action DENORMS will take place February 28-March 1 in Athens, Greece.

The aim of the Workshop is to facilitate the dialogue and establish new collaborations between the industry and the academe on the topics of new acoustic materials/ metamaterials. We anticipate the participation of around 10 European companies and academic research groups. The program will include presentations, group work and as well as social events.

Each participating company will have a chance to present its unique development capacities, products and processes (20 min + 5 min of questions) and is encouraged to propose a topic for informal discussions during a separate round-table session.

COST Action DENORMS will provide 30 grants that cover the costs of participants’ travel meals and accommodation in Athens.

The following companies have already confirmed their participation in the Workshop:

  • Embraer
  • St Gobain
  • Acoustic Metamaterials Group
  • Metacoustic
  • Trèves
  • Safran
  • Dyson
  • Matelys
  • Recticel
  • Carbon Air

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